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Our best piece of advice for the week ahead

This week, the Daily Tip is offering advice on how to approach this strange holiday time.

🦃 Today’s tip: Take Thanksgiving week off (or at least a day).

We’ve now entered the week of Thanksgiving 2020, and the only productivity advice that makes any sense right now comes from the writer Julio Vincent Gambuto: Take the week off.

If your job affords you the privilege, just do it. Take off whatever time you can. “This year has given us no other choice,” Gambuto writes. “So let’s make the most of this seasonal pause: We all need a week of rest, a week of gratitude, and a week to recover from the fall work surge, the trauma of the election, and the nightmare of this interminable pandemic.” As for how you should spend your vacation days during quarantine, Forge has a plan: Make time to read a good book, take an outing to your nearest beach, and find other ways to restore yourself so that you can power through the coming winter.

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