Hi, Are You Doomscrolling?

Use as needed: A handy reminder to log off

Karen K. Ho
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3 min readOct 19, 2020


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At the beginning of April, I’d just started a new job and needed to establish better sleeping habits. I was spending too many late nights glued to the news on Twitter. So I started tweeting nightly reminders to stop doomscrolling. I was partly thinking out loud to hold myself accountable, but I figured maybe someone else might find these reminders helpful, too. I never imagined I would keep it up for more than 500 reminders or that they would help thousands of people remember to take care of themselves.

Maybe they can help you, too.

Hi, are you doomscrolling?

Sometimes we forget about our own well-being due to stress about work or a high volume of news. Right now is a great time to think about if you need a glass of water, several deep breaths, or extra time to rest. You are worthy of this consideration.

What does taking care of yourself look like? Is it exercise, reading more books, more time to eat breakfast, extra time to write, talking to friends, or additional rest? Would that help you more than doomscrolling?

What do you have planned offline today that will help you rest, become reenergized, or simply make you happy instead of doomscrolling? A bike ride? A great book? An afternoon nap or overdue time with a hobby? Seeing a friend or doggies in a park?

I hope you drank a big glass of water today and ate something that made you happy. I encourage you to log off of Twitter and Facebook and reach out to friends you haven’t talked to in a while. Consider setting time limits for your social apps.

Doomscrolling might feel like an act of agency when so many activities aren’t available due to the pandemic. Why not use that agency to take care of yourself through a screen break, going to bed early, and/or doing another activity that makes you happy?

Are you slouching or crunching your shoulders?



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