25 Different Ways to Cope With Uncertainty

A timely list

Cari Nazeer
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3 min readOct 30, 2020


Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Even when the future is up in the air, there’s growth to be found in the present: Finding sustainable ways to feel okay in the face of uncertainty is its own form of personal development.

These 25 stories provide advice on how to do just that. Some offer new ways to see the world or the passage of time or your place in both. Others offer things to do today, things to stop doing, questions to ask yourself, mantras, and mental frameworks.

This isn’t meant to be a checklist; pick out what you find helpful and leave the rest. And over the uncertain days to come, remember: It’s possible to be gentle with yourself while still being engaged. In fact, right now, both are vital.

Plan for your real life after the election, whatever happens

Anchor yourself by accounting for small, boring details, like your grocery list and laundry schedule.

Use the “circle of concern” to reframe your fears in uncertain times

The more mental energy you spend on things you can’t control, the less you have to change the things you can.

Ask: What action can I take in this moment?