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🌱 Today’s tip: Send a plant to a friend.

Here’s something we never thought we’d have to learn: Pandemics can be hard on friendships. We want to support each other, but it’s hard to take a down-in-the-dumps friend out for a drink, and you might lack the bandwidth to listen to another rant from your BFF about their inconsiderate partner.

So here’s an easy way to let a loved one know you’re thinking about them: As the writer Jenna Kadlec tweeted recently, “SEND YOUR FRIENDS FLOWERS.” You don’t need an occasion, and in fact, it’s sometimes even better if there isn’t one. If a bouquet of roses sounds too extravagant or romantic, send a nice succulent or some other easy-to-care-for plant. Can you imagine the sheer joy of receiving such a gift out of nowhere? A few clicks, a few dollars, and voila, you’re a day-maker.

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