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An important question to ask at work today

Our parent company, Medium, launched a new blog about the fight against anti-Black racism. We are committed to a long-term conversation about awareness and change so that anti-Blackness is confronted and, with time, wiped away. Read it here.

Today’s tip: Check with your Black colleagues before discussing racial justice.

At work, as Dynasti Hunt notes in our sister publication ZORA, part of allyship is prioritizing the mental health of your Black colleagues. If they want to talk about the fight for racial justice in meetings or one on one, make that space. But make sure that’s the case before diving in.

“Not everyone is comfortable, ready, or simply willing to discuss at work,” Hunt writes. “If you are a Black person who has eight meetings in a day and every meeting automatically opens with discussion, think about how exhausting and burdensome that can be.” Alleviate that burden. Don’t add to it.

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