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An energizing way to connect with someone you miss

💃🏾 Today’s tip: Take a virtual dance class together.

You miss your people, but can’t bring yourself to do another Zoom where you stare at each other’s faces and try to find new things to talk about (“So, made any more sourdough lately?”). Why not do something together instead?

On Curious, Kate Stone Lombardi writes about the virtual dance class she’s been taking with her daughter, who lives on the other side of the country. It’s called Dance Church and it streams live on Sundays. “I dance with an abandon I’ve never felt before,” Lombardi writes. “I’m free in mind and body, and I’m together with my girl.” It’s a reminder that we don’t always need words in order to connect with our loved ones. Sometimes, pumping our fists in the air to the beat of Bad Romance can be just as meaningful.

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