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A publication from Medium on personal development.

Struggling to stay focused? Knowing which external triggers serve you—and which ones don’t—can help you get back on track.

It was 9 a.m. and Wendy, a freelance marketing consultant, knew exactly what she needed to do for the next hour: be in her office chair to write new client proposals, the most important task of her day.

She fired up her laptop and opened the client’s file on her…

And why you should, too

When it comes to traveling, I have few hard-and-fast rules, except for one: always travel alone. I say this not because I’m a misanthrope (well, not only that) but because traveling solo enriches the experience — for me, yes, but also for those I encounter out there.

It’s no coincidence…

Company policies and societal norms play a role in overwork — but so do you

Are you swamped at work? If your answer to that is yes, you’re not alone.

The last two years sparked a much-needed discussion about the structural, societal, and economic factors that force people to work way too hard. The pandemic has revealed how a lack of things like paid sick…

The 80/15/5 Method acknowledges that we can’t “rise and grind” forever

Our bodies and brains need breaks. Time to ruminate, rest, and rejuvenate. The problem is, we’ll never get those breaks unless we schedule them—and stick to that schedule. …

If we gave our habits half the care that we give our relationships, we’d all be better humans

“I built an amazing marriage overnight,” said nobody ever. That would make for an enticing headline, but we’d be rightly suspicious of the contents. We know that our relationships take a lot. …

Acknowledging the aversion can help you finally pursue mastery

We say things like “enjoy the process” and “it’s all about the journey” and “consistency is key.”

I agree with those statements. The journey of growth and learning is so important to me.

But there’s something else we need to add to the mix: accepting boredom.

James Clear first introduced…

Being told it’s ‘normal’ doesn’t help

“I’m just so tired,” the man said.

“I can’t shake it. This feels like the most exhausting year ever.”

Sound familiar? In various forms, it’s the catch cry of nearly every person I work with at the moment.

Exhaustion, mental, physical, right-down-to-the bones-fatigue, is everywhere. …

I tried all the popular productivity systems. This is what finally stuck.

For the better part of a decade, I’d get frustrated at myself for not
being able to make popular productivity systems to work for me.
GTD, the Bullet Journal Method, Day Designer, The Franklin Covey
planner, the Ivy Lee Method, time-blocking — I tried them all. …

How recognizing our limits helps us forge new openings

In graduate school, I had a professor who loathed me. And I mean toe-curling he’s-getting-hives-just-looking-at-me loathery. It was so very irrational but also so very deep. And, as is perhaps no surprise, the depth of the loathing was precisely correlated to the extent of the irrationality. …

The “No, Sh*t, Sherlock” law of behavior change is still a necessary one.

tri-color dog jumping through a hoop

James Clear’s Atomic Habits lays out the way that tiny changes can contribute to lasting behavior change. In other words, micro-movements you make in your schedule, your life, and even the way you talk to yourself can help you to build good habits that last a lifetime.

The first three…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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