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A publication from Medium on personal development.

It’s much too easy to deflect responsibility

Do you play pool? I sure don’t. But I know enough about the game to use it as a metaphor for the hidden reasons we don’t do what we say we will.

The object is to get balls into pockets using a big stick. However, you can’t just hit the…

The impulse to tuck away our most valuable possessions promotes a culture of consumption and keeps us from truly enjoying what we have

When I graduated from college, my sister made me a quilt. Over the two decades that followed, it has kept me warm in more than a dozen apartments spread over three states. …

They’re wacky, but they work

Person sitting on ground in a colorful room working on a Rubix Cube

As a productivity nerd, I have come across a lot of absolutely ridiculous tactics for coercing ourselves to do more. Some are silly, but a few actually work.

I’m not sharing these tips to help you “rise and grind” for 15 hours at a time without rest—I can’t say vehemently…

What a day in the life of an overthinker looks like

“When overthinking, you create a million scenarios in your mind, starting from a simple thought, and in this tornado, it’s easy to get plagued with negative emotions. As most overthinkers, you’re worried about the future and forget to live the present.” – Source

07:55 My alarm goes off. But I’m…

The problem, it turns out, was my mind

I’ve cared so much, for so long, about my email inbox. I was always thinking about it, it was always on my to-do list. I set aside time every day to go through messages, I tried all sorts of filters, and downloaded all sorts of sorting programs.

When I was…

A therapist explains how to stay calm and thoughtful about challenges.

When a person is struggling with their mental health, they usually feel like they aren’t doing enough. Often the opposite is true — they are trying so hard to solve their problems, that they leave no space for flexibility, creativity, or self-compassion.

This is how anxious reactions to a problem…

As a busy parent, I longed for community. So I grabbed the biggest pot I could find and started stirring.

Right now, there’s a giant pot of curried squash soup on my kitchen stove and a sheet tray of tahini shortbread cookies in the oven. In about an hour, three families from my neighborhood will gather in my backyard at the long picnic table I bought with my last stimulus…

Struggling to stay focused? Knowing which external triggers serve you—and which ones don’t—can help you get back on track.

It was 9 a.m. and Wendy, a freelance marketing consultant, knew exactly what she needed to do for the next hour: be in her office chair to write new client proposals, the most important task of her day.

She fired up her laptop and opened the client’s file on her…

And why you should, too

When it comes to traveling, I have few hard-and-fast rules, except for one: always travel alone. I say this not because I’m a misanthrope (well, not only that) but because traveling solo enriches the experience — for me, yes, but also for those I encounter out there.

It’s no coincidence…

Company policies and societal norms play a role in overwork — but so do you

Are you swamped at work? If your answer to that is yes, you’re not alone.

The last two years sparked a much-needed discussion about the structural, societal, and economic factors that force people to work way too hard. The pandemic has revealed how a lack of things like paid sick…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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