A publication from Medium on personal development.

TikTok creator KC Davis, the author of Struggle Care, wants us to move beyond simply dividing up our list of chores

Imagine a world in which we put rest, not work, at the center of our lives.

What if instead of starting with our to-do lists, and building our lives around paid work and household tasks, we first asked: What do I need to feel fully myself? Is it time away…

It’s not about deluding yourself, but rather finding a better starting point

In the 1980s, educator Jaime Escalante taught calculus at one of the worst schools in East LA, with a dropout rate as high as 55%. Escalante and his calculus class turned the reputation of the school around, with a high percentage of his students passing the AP calculus exam.


What I learned about the good life from my canine friend

Plato famously imagined a land ruled by philosopher-kings: wise, benevolent souls who think deep thoughts and make good choices. Two thousand years later, we’re still awaiting this alleged philosopher-king, or even a philosopher-president.

Stop waiting, I say. Plato missed the mark. What the world really needs is not a philosopher-king…

This 15-minute ritual will make you seem like the most thoughtful person in the universe

Manicured hand holding a post it reading “Don’t forget” above a computer keyboard and mouse

I used to really suck at remembering people’s birthdays. I don’t dislike my friends and family. I just have other things on my mind.

Instead of remembering special occasions a week ahead of time, creating a thoughtful card, and sending it snail mail to their homes, I used to be…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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