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Why your Netflix queue belongs on your to-do list 📺

Today’s tip: Reduce your subconscious stress by closing some loops.

As James Surowiecki writes in Forge, having “open loops”—that is, unfinished tasks on your list—is surprisingly exhausting. That’s because even if you’re not consciously thinking about them, they’re still draining mental energy in the background, making it hard to focus on what you’re actually doing in the moment.

And this applies to low-stakes, small open loops too. Even the fun ones, like a list of unwatched TV shows you keep meaning to burn through. So, as Surowiecki writes, “Deal with them, so your mind can stop worrying about them. Block off time to cancel the subscriptions and answer the emails. Turn off notifications where you can. Make your way through your Netflix queue.”

That’s right, finally watching the rest of Bridgerton is a productivity hack. You’re welcome.

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