Why Does Your Brain Overthink Things?

What a day in the life of an overthinker looks like

Dr. Ojuọlape Kuti
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4 min readOct 2, 2021


Sketch by author

“When overthinking, you create a million scenarios in your mind, starting from a simple thought, and in this tornado, it’s easy to get plagued with negative emotions. As most overthinkers, you’re worried about the future and forget to live the present.” – Source

07:55 My alarm goes off. But I’m already awake. And I promise, I wasn’t scrolling through my phone 👀

08:15 Think, in the shower: “What if I leave and regret it? What if I stay and regret it?”

08:17 Also: “Why did Apple make “copy text from image” exclusive to some iPhones when you can literally just do it on Google Photos? Ugh.”

08:55 Head to work.

10:30 Catch a quick breakfast.

10:37 Work.

13:20 Have a mini-existential breakdown and ask myself “Am I even doing enough, or maybe even too much?”

13:30 Go back to work. Three patients have arrived, at the same time.

16:30 Think: “What if I don’t have what it takes, whatever “it” is anyway? What if my plans don’t work out?”

17:05 Head home, enjoying the lone drive where I can just…be.

18:30 Think: “I wonder what life would have been like if I’d gone to another school, town or country.”

20:00 Make myself a warm cup of tea. I’m slightly addicted at this point.

20:35 Agonise over posting a photo online.

21:05 Binge-watch Merlin episodes on Netflix to distract myself.

21:12 Delete proposed post.

21:13 More Merlin.

23:15 Think: “Maybe that post wasn’t so bad.”

23:55 Write late night journal entry:

Do you ever think…what if I’m not who I think I am? What if I’m not actually smart enough or kind enough or hardworking enough or deserving enough?



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