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What Should You Really Be Doing With Your Life?

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Felicia C. Sullivan
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4 min readApr 30, 2021
Illustration: Julia Moburg

The tail end of a global pandemic may not feel like the ideal time to reboot your career. We’ve spent the past year in survival mode — just getting through the day is an accomplishment in itself.

But hear me out: As we emerge from an experience that constantly reminded us of the fragility of life, I believe this is the exact right moment to pause and ask the big questions: Am I doing the work I want to be doing? What truly bolts me out of bed in the morning? What matters most to me — not some idealized version of me?

Your course leader Felicia C. Sullivan.

I’ve noticed that when it comes to making career moves, we typically go with what we think makes the most logical sense. We might look at the last three jobs on our résumé and figure, “Well, I guess this company/role/project is the next linear step.” Or we’ll make moves out of desperation — maybe we’re hoping to escape a nightmare boss, burnout, or unemployment.

But by taking a step back to look at all the decisions we’ve made and paths we’ve taken, we can see how we ended up where we are today and, more importantly, where we should go next. In my own periods of career uncertainty, these words from Franciscan friar Richard Rohr have resonated: “There’s no nonstop flight from order to reorder. You’ve got to go through the disorder.”

I’ve created this course to help you do just that. As a veteran marketer who believes in methodology and the power of process, I applied the brand-building techniques I’ve used over two decades to create a map that can help reveal the work you’re meant to do.

Over the next five days, you will:

  • Identify how you’re spending (or squandering) your time.
  • Discover what makes you shine and thrive.
  • Learn how to leverage your skills, passions, and goals to design the job and life you deserve.



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