47 Very Specific Answers to ‘What Can I Do to Help?’

There’s a role for everyone in this fight



Community members arrange donations at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 30, 2020. Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Two questions I keep getting are “What can I do?” and “What resources do I start with?” While the general answers are “anything and everything” and “Google,” I thought I’d drop some specifics for the different situations you may find yourself in. There’s a role for everybody in this, even if it’s not on the frontlines. Find yours and get to work.

If you’re just now joining the fight and not sure where to start:

If you have racist family members or friends who are making sideways comments:

  • Respond with open-ended questions. “What do you mean by that?” “Can you explain that word?” (Keep asking “why?” like you’re an unapologetically persistent six-year-old.) Make them feel uncomfortable. And if they keep saying those things, well, it’s time to re-examine your people.
  • Understand that silence = agreement.

If you have young children with