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Have a weird morning ritual that makes you feel 12% less groggy? A conversation trick that you swear by? A journaling method that gives you an impressive amount of clarity? A phone hack you’ve been telling all your friends about? An uncommon yet brilliant use for index cards?

We want to know. After a year of sharing our best daily tips, Forge is looking for yours — the ideas and strategies that are making your life a little bit happier, calmer, better. Simply publish a post on Medium with the tag MyDailyTip. Our editors may feature some of the best tips on Forge.

A tip on tips: It’s best to keep them short (less than 300 words) and focused on the tip. Feel free to write more than one.

Happy writing! We can’t wait to read about what works for you.




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Michelle Woo

Michelle Woo

Author of Horizontal Parenting: How to Entertain Your Kid While Lying Down (Chronicle Books)

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