To Conquer the ‘Pandemic Wall,’ You Must Reclaim Your Time

Kelli María Korducki
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2 min readFeb 25, 2021

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It’s all too much. There’s work stress to contend with, household chores to get done, child wrangling, and relationship tending, and—oh yeah—that whole pandemic situation. You’ve hit the limit: the wall.

For better or worse, the only way out of your present wall-scape is to smash your way through it. It’s time to reclaim your time. And you can do that by getting in control of your schedule.

As the entrepreneur, business coach, and Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur author Charlene Walters writes in a recent blog post on Medium: “You, and you alone, are the one who must take action to get control of your schedule.”

Staring blankly at your laptop and thinking about how burnt-out you feel isn’t going to make your work go away, Walters reminds us. Being methodical about how you plan and spend your time, on the other hand, might just do the trick. What you need is a system—a set of simple, reliable hacks.

As it happens, Walters has nine. One of these go-to hacks is to break up your day into chunks of time, then assign a specific task to each of those time blocks. “[Commit] to finishing two to three major items every day,” Walters writes. “Set aside several one- to two-hour blocks on your calendar so that you can focus on larger projects without distractions. Be sure to schedule everything (even breaks and meals) so that you better manage each day.”

You can read more about Charlene Walters’ expert-approved, time-reclaiming strategies here:

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