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This simple exercise will make you feel amazing

Today’s tip: Do this stretch to strengthen your back.

Maybe your last 12 months haven’t exactly been a banner year in personal fitness. Hey, it happens. But what if we told you you could strengthen your back, core, glutes, and shoulders in just a few minutes per day, with one simple stretch?

According to Elemental’s Executive Editor and ACE-certified personal trainer, Anna Maltby, not only does such a stretch exist, but it’ll make you feel so much better — especially if you’ve been hunched over your laptop for too long.

Maltby breaks it down in her Monday Moves column for Elemental:

Begin on all fours. Extend your right arm, resting your fingertips gently on the floor in front of you; at the same time, extend your left leg, resting your toes on the floor behind you, heel flexed.

Engage your core, find balance, and lift your right arm and left leg, feeling a long, lengthening stretch from your heel all the way through your body and to your pinkie.

Raise and lower your arm and leg together for 10–15 reps, then switch to the left arm and right leg. If you’d like, do another set or two on each side.

Sneak a set into your lunch break or between meetings, and your posterior chain will thank you.

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