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The ultimate spring-cleaning trick

👕 Today’s tip: Use this system to streamline your closet.

On Simple, Michael Thompson shares a trick he learned from his mother about how to make cleaning out your closer feel a little more, well, simple:

Go into your closet. Take all of your shirts and hang them so they’re all facing the same direction. When you’re done wearing one, hang it up so it’s facing the other direction so you have a ‘worn’ camp and an ‘unworn’ camp. After 90 days, grab all of your unworn shirts, and give them to someone who will wear them.

Instead of working up the will to finally dump all your old clothes on the floor and sort them into “keep” and “donate” piles, you can just… live your life, and work toward the same end result. And, as Thompson writes: “This simple action can serve as a strong reminder to keep the other aspects of your life as clean as your closet.” It’s easy when you have the right approach.

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