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The spreadsheet your weekend needs

Earlier this week, Forge dropped How Google Drive Can Make Every Corner of Your Life Easier, a new project all about the many (many, many) ways to use it as the ultimate self-improvement tool. Over the next few days, we’ll be using this space to highlight a few of our favorite Drive tips.

Illustration: Simo Liu

🎲 Today’s tip is a tool to make your quarantine weekends more fun: the game inventory.

How it works:
Use Google Sheets to make an inventory of all the games on your shelves, and then treat it as a to-do list, so that Trivial Pursuit Classic Edition you bought on a whim doesn’t gather dust. If you really want to get detailed, include a tab for optimal number of players and age-appropriateness.

Why do it?
A wine-fueled Zoom hangout with friends probably calls for a different game than, say, an afternoon playing with your third-grader. As we all get ready to spend a lot more time indoors, here’s a way to make sure you can always easily find just the right activity for whatever moment and mood you’re in.

Not into it? Don’t worry — there are dozens more where this came from. Explore our Guide to Google Drive now, and check tomorrow’s Daily Tip for more of our favorites from the project!




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