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The simplest strategy for dividing up chores

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Today’s tip: Use the “I divide, you choose” strategy for household work.

The truest sign that you’ve split up household work equitably is that no one feels they’re getting the short end of the stick. The writer Christopher L. Brooks recommends a simple strategy to help you get there: One person divides all the tasks into two different bundles, and the other chooses the bundle they prefer.

“If you have children, you may have used this trick as a way of splitting a treat between them without arguments,” Brooks writes. “You simply have one child cut the treat in ‘half,’ and then the other child gets first choice of which piece they want, therefore encouraging the cutter to be as fair as possible with their slicing.” Few people would call vacuuming or laundry duty a “treat,” but the idea is the same: Each of you walks away satisfied that things are as balanced as possible.

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