The Most Important 3 Words to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing a Goal

The question will save you from disappointment

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6 min readJul 3, 2021


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Wouldn’t it be nice to experience greater fulfillment in life?

Everyone has aspirations and dreams, but they don’t always think things through. Worse, they don’t stop to examine their underlying motivations, and where they might lead.

I’ll bet you know people who are unhappy in their careers. They complain about their bosses, the commute, office politics, and more. Maybe this applies to you?

“How did I get into this mess?” you might ask yourself.

The answer often has to do with money, the expectations of others, and unexamined goals. We chase dollars over contentment, do what others want for us, and fail to reflect on what we really want for ourselves.

Or we romanticize some dream job but fail to reflect on how such a job would change our life. We focus on the perceived good and ignore the bad.

I’m too real for this sh**

The emerging R&B singer Summer Walker has over 3 million followers on Instagram, and her official music video “Body” has over 14 million views. A lot of aspiring singers and fame-seekers would kill for this kind of exposure.

So what does Summer Walker say about fame? Namely, that she’s tired of the phoniness. An article in Thrive Global explored “the bitter spoonfuls of stardom” that Walker is facing.

An excerpt:

“To paraphrase, Walker told her 1.6 million Instagram followers that she’s exhausted with the false-facade cloaks that the music industry drapes over its artists. She added that while people under the spotlight put a lot of effort into concocting phony images of themselves, they are lazy about doing the much-needed self-work in discovering who they really are behind all the smoke and mirrors of fame. Walker, in her own words, said, ‘I’m too real for this sh**.’”

Too real for this sh**. That’s an important insight into how the dream sometimes conflicts with reality.

A lot of famous people are polished, carefully branded, and marketed products. Sometimes the real person behind the image loses…



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