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The crucial ingredient for a successful holiday Zoom

🎙️ Today’s Tip: Your holiday Zoom needs hosts.

At this point, we’ve Zoomed enough to know that not all video chats are created equal. And if you don’t want your family virtual get-together to devolve into a dumpster fire of confusion and/or resentment, you’re going to want to lay down some ground rules.

As Forge editor (and virtual event veteran) Amy Shearn writes, it’s important to have at least one host — ideally two, for the banter — to keep things moving along like emcees at a live event. With any luck, they’ll have an agenda full of fun activities like trivia, games, and conversation-starting questions to keep the guests engaged. It’s not the same as being cozy together in Nana’s living room, but does Nana’s living room come with a mute button? This might turn out to be your family’s best holiday yet.

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