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The best way to watch TV now

📺 Today’s tip: Choose a television show that showcases kindness.

It’s really okay if all you can manage this weekend is a casual television binge. But if you’re going to veg out, you can still make it life-affirming. Saul Austerlitz writes on Medium about how watching the silly comedy Ted Lasso has been a balm over the past few months; especially, how he values the lead character’s “optimism, his unflagging concern for others, and his insistence — sometimes at the expense of his own self-interest — in demanding kindness of others.”

Choose a show that makes you feel better, not worse, something that reminds you of the simple goodness of being kind. As Austerlitz puts it: “Ted never loses sight of the ways in which kindness can alleviate sadness — others’, and our own as well.” A good reminder for us all.

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