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View of person’s crossed legs/feet on the sofa with TV in background.
View of person’s crossed legs/feet on the sofa with TV in background.
Photo: Photographer, Basak Gurbuz Derman/Getty Images

Most Thanksgivings, from the moment you shrug off your coat in a relative’s hallway to start the flurry of hugs, you already know how the next few hours are going to play out.

Holiday time is a story we tell ourselves, over and over, beat by familiar beat: The smell of Grandma’s famous mac and cheese in the oven, the cousin game of touch football, the point in the night when Aunt Nancy inevitably gets a little wine-tipsy and tries to start a sing-along. You’ve done this all before. You’ll do it again.

This, obviously, is not most Thanksgivings. And…

The insidious popularity of ‘Liz Lemoning’

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon in episode 611 of “30 Rock.” Photo: NBC/Getty Images

Twitter virality is the cultural diagnostic tool of our time, the DSM for our internet-broken brains. Which is why it’s not surprising that a recent Tweet about Liz Lemon, the quirky heroine of the 2010s series 30 Rock (played by the series showrunner, Tina Fey) struck a nerve:

Jason Sim’s tweet went as viral as it did because he named something we all recognize: One doesn’t need to be a 30 Rock fan to know exactly the type he’s talking about.

Before Liz Lemoning was a meme, Fey’s character showed the world an entirely new kind of rom-com protagonist…

As cheerleading coaches like Monica Aldama know, mentorship isn’t about being nice

Photo: Netflix

The new Netflix docuseries Cheer, which follows Navarro College’s cheerleading squad in pursuit of its 14th National Championship, has become an instant hit for the same reason many docuseries do: Real life makes for good drama. Add in extreme athletic competition, heartbreaking backstories, actual body-breaking injury, and the push-and-pull of finding an identity during young adulthood, and you’ve got something downright addicting.

But voyeurism isn’t the only reason to watch Cheer. Like other fans of the show, I’m kind of obsessed with Navarro head coach Monica Aldama, whose actions each episode can be read as a master class in getting…

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