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You’re simply not going to find what you’re looking for online

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Every time I go online these days, three words rattle around in my head like a mantra. Often, they are directed towards myself, when I’m clicking on the fourth article about some stranger who has been cancelled for dubious reasons. But increasingly, I say them as a kind of incantation to the countless people I see online acting in a way that is clearly counter to their best interest: Just log off.

⌨️ Today’s tip: Download this keyboard cleaning tool.

💻 Today’s tip: Group your tabs.

Trading my smartphone for a flip phone improved every aspect of my life

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My son was born in 2006. The iPhone was born in 2007. They have been competing for my attention ever since.

Arranging your calendar by hue can help your brain process the day ahead and get more done

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Creating a manageable schedule isn’t easy, but you know what’s even more difficult? Sticking to it.

As someone who recently checked my phone 1,000 times in a week, I’m finally learning how


A couple weeks ago, as I stared vacantly into my phone, my wife offered a gentle observation about the amount of social media I’d been consuming. Her kind implication: I was spending too much time on Facebook.

The video-chat renaissance is introducing people to a new type of awkwardness

An illustration of many video conference call windows showing a variety of close up facial features.
An illustration of many video conference call windows showing a variety of close up facial features.
Illustration: Heeje Min Heo

I’ve learned a lot about myself since going into quarantine. Like how my daily 3 p.m. anxiety spiral can be treated with a snack or four. That I prefer to wear the same sweatshirt multiple days in a row, alternating between wearing it inside out and right side in until it needs washing. How I find an entirely gray outfit — a groutfit, if you will — to be oddly satisfying. And just how much I absolutely cannot stand seeing my face on Zoom.

All you need is a phone, smartwatch, or computer

Photo: Mayur Kakade/Moment/Getty Images

There’s a certain paralysis many of us are feeling right now: We want to be helpful during this pandemic, but aren’t sure how to do so safely from our homes.

I was Zoom-lunching before Zoom lunches were the only way we could lunch. These are my rules.

Photo: Westend61/Getty

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t be distantly social. It doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with people or that you can’t be closer than you were before this, even with people you’re not stuck in the same house with.

A notebook and pen can be valuable brain-training tools

Photo: burst/Pexels

If you had both the resources and the inclination, you might be able to get away with never hand-writing anything but your signature ever again. Most of us have smartphones, a computer, and other assorted digital programs and pieces of technology — plus virtual “assistants” like Alexa and Siri — to help us keep our lives in order. These gadgets can capture our to-do lists, schedules, important dates, and other snippets of thought we want to preserve.


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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