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Three conversations that have nothing to do with the pandemic

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In a way, the pandemic has made small talk easy, even for those of us who struggle with conversations about pets or the weather. These days there’s always an ice breaker close at hand, whether that’s new travel rules, predictions about the next phase of pandemic life, or where you are in terms of being vaccinated. (“Oh, you’re a Pfizer?)

We need these conversations. They help us manage our anxiety, and stitch together reality from our still fairly isolated realms. But at this point? Pandemic talk is just. So. Boring. And reminds us that we’re still in a pandemic, even…

Photo: martin-dm/Getty Images

“We’re all socially awkward now,” proclaims The New York Times today. Funny you should mention it, The New York Times, because we at Forge have been socially awkward for months now. (Some of us, years even!)

Back in July, Allie Volpe wrote about not only why conversations feel more weird and difficult than usual, but how to mitigate the kind of weirdness that results when you say, “Thank welcome! I mean, welcome you!” for the third time in a single conversation.

Volpe offers a two-step approach:

  1. Slow down your socializing by getting outside your own head and being more observant…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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