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Stress Management

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It’s all too much. There’s work stress to contend with, household chores to get done, child wrangling, and relationship tending, and—oh yeah—that whole pandemic situation. You’ve hit the limit: the wall.

For better or worse, the only way out of your present wall-scape is to smash your way through it. It’s time to reclaim your time. And you can do that by getting in control of your schedule.

As the entrepreneur, business coach, and Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur author Charlene Walters writes in a recent blog post on Medium: “You, and you alone, are the one who must take action…

✅ Today’s tip: Decompress from the week with a foot-rub routine.

To give your stressed-out body some pampering, try this soothing practice from Elemental editor Kate Green Tripp:

“After a shower or bath, find a comfortable seat alongside some nourishing body oil or lotion and a pair of socks. Take five minutes to rub the product deep into your skin, making sure to really massage each heel, ball of the foot, arch, ankle, and toe. Then put on the socks — their job is to lock in the moisture and warmth you’ve just created. …

This meditation technique is easy to remember and easy to do

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Since I am a chill and fun person, I often like to power my daily walk with an engine of worry. “Is my friend mad at me? Why didn’t I get through my weekend to-do list and why am I already so behind on this week?” Then, to mix things up a bit, I’ll expand my focus: “What is happening in America right now? When is this pandemic going to loosen its grip? Will I ever be able to afford college for my kids?” (They’re in grade school, but hey, I love a jump-start.)

Yesterday, as I was revving up…

Research shows that you gain a sense of control when you can learn to embrace it

Illustrations: Fru Pinter

Co-authored by Todd Snyder

Let’s play a game of Would You Rather. Would you rather speak in front of 500 people for an hour or be stuck in an elevator with your ex? Would you rather get a cavity drilled or be forced to take a four-hour Zumba class? Would you rather lose your wallet on the subway or lose your internet connection right before a big online presentation?

None of these options are good, but they have something in common: Unless you’re an avid Zumba dancer, they all invoke stress.

It’s a feeling most of us dread and left…

Your environment has a clear effect on your mood

Woman spraying cleaning product in the air, obscuring her face.
Woman spraying cleaning product in the air, obscuring her face.
Photo: Susumu Yoshioka/Getty Images

Have you found yourself overtaken by a sudden urge to clean and reorganize every inch of your living space?

If the fresh-start feeling of the election results has you newly energized to change up your space, you’re not alone. At least according to Twitter, that mood is in the air.

If you’re stress-cleaning, you’re not alone there, either: Studies have linked “ritualized behaviors” like meticulous cleaning to periods of heightened anxiety. And, well, there’s been a fair bit of that going around lately.

And then there’s the chill in the air coinciding with the second wave of a nearly yearlong…

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You know what’s less sustainable than survival mode? Pretending to live in survival mode, telling yourself that everything non-essential can wait until less stressful times, and then fretting over those non-essential things anyway.

Recently, I woke up in the middle of night worried about some old classics: Is it time to renew my car’s registration? When is that doctor’s appointment I pushed back 72 times already? Did I ever respond to that email about a collaboration I’m actually really excited about?

Individually, none of these unresolved issues is that big of a deal. And none is urgent enough to go…

Time to become an emotional doomsday prepper

Photo: byakkaya/Getty Images

What would you do if you knew the world was about to end? Like any doomsday prepper, you’d probably stock up on the supplies you would need to survive the impending catastrophe: the nonperishable food, the bottled water, the first-aid kit.

Well, it’s not quite the apocalypse, but as we approach the darker, colder days of our pandemic winter, life as we’ve come to know it these past several months — our tenuous grasp on something resembling normalcy — is coming to an end. …


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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