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When I first heard that you should bring your whole self to work a few years ago, I knew it was a terrible idea. Have you ever been in a live customer service chat where the hospital billing guy tries to tell you about his weekend?

No one should bring…

A neuroscientist explains our obsession with “upward social comparison bias.”

One of the most self-defeating things we do is compare ourselves to other people. Are we making as much money? Do we have as many friends? Is our lifestyle as glamorous?

The answer to those questions rarely makes us happy because we’re biased toward being too hard on ourselves. We…

The pandemic shrank our social circles. It’s time to expand them.

“I’ll tell you one thing, I’m sick of this damn Covid thing.” Carl and I had never met before, but on this we immediately found common ground.

Carl came out to our family’s cabin in New Hampshire to make some long-overdue repairs. We chatted about the weather and the astronomical…

Making choices based on the desires of others is a part of human nature. But there are ways to counteract the force.

Nearly everyone (unconsciously) assumes there’s a straight line between them and the things they want.

I wake up one day and “suddenly” decide that I want to run a marathon. (Amazingly, all of my friends had a similar realization when they hit their midthirties, too.)

I get the brilliant idea…

To make your phone work for you, not against you, think like an anthropologist and deconstruct all the jobs you’re asking it to do

My hands hurt. They’re sore and stiff, and on bad days I can feel a dull ache from my wrist all the way up to the base of my skull. I know what the problem is: Even though I’ve tried to be on my phone less, it’s clearly still too…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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