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3 ways to prepare for the emotional aftermath of the pandemic

Large wave in front of a stormy sky

Approximately two times per year, an underwater earthquake displaces so much seawater that it causes tsunamis to tower up to 100 feet above unprotected seaside communities. It’s a delayed reaction and it’s deadly.

At first, the shift seems insignificant. Tectonic plates slide over and under each other, lifting the seafloor…

If you’re having a bad day, let me remind you: you’re doing a good enough job

Let me start with a confession: my feelings are bigger than normal people’s feelings. I have to buy all my feelings-related products in the Plus-Sized section.

Sometimes I want to go on a Feelings Diet to shrink my gargantuan emotions, but it never works. I am addicted to crying in…

What lights you up is just as important as what upsets you

Recently, a friend posted a beautiful picture to Instagram: a quiet sunrise moment in her parents’ tree-filled backyard. “I’m trying to get better at finding glimmers throughout my day,” her caption read. I wasn’t quite sure what a glimmer was, but if my body’s sudden state of calm was any…

Shutting people out in the name of ‘self-care’ ultimately feels like self-destruction

Not long ago, I attended a panel that featured a few established writers. An audience member asked one of them a personal question: How do you practice self-care? The answer was brutally honest.

The writer said she didn’t respond to text messages and often flaked on people. Her friends had…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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