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💵 Today’s tip: Put your money where your mouth is.

In Forge, Holiday Phillips shares a vital reminder for this emotional week: Even when you feel overwhelmed by just how much work there is to be done in dismantling racism, there is always a simple way to take action, no matter who you are. As Phillips puts it, “If you are disgusted by the centuries of state-sponsored theft from Black, Asian, and indigenous people’s lands, then support BIPOC-owned businesses. Initiate your own program of reparations by actively looking for products and services you use regularly and finding alternatives created by…

But seriously, they should just empty the dishwasher every now and then

Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

I think things are fairly equal in my marriage. I make most of the money. My husband does almost all of the cooking and more of the daily child care than I do. I run admin. He deals with lawn and car things. The rest we tag-team in a haphazard way that mostly works out. Still, we argue over division of labor, and we both spend some time feeling put upon.

But lately, I’ve come to believe that feeling resentful about the work I do at home is distracting me from my real source of stress: capitalism.

Our culture of…

3 ways to process

Photo by prottoy hassan on Unsplash

Remember this time last year, when we already thought we’d been through so much? Even just a few weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic, the analytically minded among us were wondering how this unprecedented experience would forever scar us, or maybe change us for the better. Now it’s, well, feeling a lot more precedented. And with each milestone — the one-year-anniversary of the pandemic’s start, the rollouts of vaccines, and even the sentencing in the George Floyd case that sparked last summer’s uprisings — it seems more and more like we should have some sense of understanding, some narrative arc.


📋 Today’s Tip: Make that boring appointment you’ve put off. (It’ll be fun!)

Imagine it: You go to a place that’s not your home. You sit down. Someone talks to you, while you look at something that’s not the wall above your WFH desk. Someone else is in charge; your job is just to relax and be still. That’s right…you’re at the dentist’s office.

“This is what a year of quarantine does to a person: It makes a dentist appointment feel like the spa,” as Kristin Wong writes on Medium.“I’d forgotten what everyday life was like before COVID. It’s exciting…

👩‍💻 Today’s Tip: When you’re working from home, remember that you’re the boss.

Many of us have settled into working from home at this point in our pandemic lives, and it’s likely that you’re really used to it by now (or itching to get back to the office). Either way, it’s time to improve — or at least, reframe — how you see remote work. Here’s the thing: When you’re the only one in your workspace… you’re your own manager.

As Alexandra Samuel and Robert C. Pozen write in Remote, Inc.: “Even if you’re an employee who works remotely for…

We confide in strangers more often than we realize

Photo: ridvan_celik/Getty Images

Over the past 13 months, “How are you?” has felt more and more like a ridiculous question — and yet I’ve asked it more times than I can count, to virtually everyone I’ve seen. It’s a socially conditioned reflex; even when we know the answer is “Not well, bitch,” we can’t help but ask.

And just as deeply ingrained is the meaningless reply: “Fine” or “Okay, given the circumstances” or “Hanging in there!” I have said some form of this answer while decidedly not hanging in there. I’ve heard it from people I knew for a fact were not fine.

🧘 Today’s Tip: Do this easy spine stretch.

No matter how busy your day gets, you have time to do the very satisfying spine stretch that is cat-cow. Certified personal trainer Anna Maltby calls cat-cow “the little black dress of stretches.” It’s easy, too — you get down on all fours and, essentially, alternate arching and curving your back. (Maltby includes more detailed instructions and an illustrative gif here!) She writes: “The deal is, cat-cow gives you the opportunity to articulate the spinal column, one vertebra at the time, to bring movement and circulation to every single inch of the…

How to get back into the world even if you’re feeling anxious

Photo: Jordan Siemens/Getty Images

If you’ve been vaccinated for Covid-19, you may have noticed that your pandemic anxiety isn’t going anywhere. A crowded grocery store, or even a hug from another vaccinated friend, can feel like too much too fast.

Some of this anxiety may be about the disease itself, but often it has to do with new relationship challenges. As many people step back into their social life, they’ll inevitably encounter conflict with others: Maybe you have friends who are not ready to hang out in person yet. Your spouse isn’t thrilled that you’re spending less time with them. …

🍝 Today’s Tip: Maximize your next trip to the grocery store.

During the pandemic, we’ve all been engaging in a global CO2 emissions experiment; Paul Greenberg points out in GEN that in 2020 the United States cut emissions by 10 percent. How can we keep it up (without the pandemic part, thank you very much)?

Here’s one easy (if slightly counterintuitive) way to contribute: more efficient grocery shopping. Greenberg suggests making fewer trips to the supermarket, buying more food per trip and more frozen food. This is significant for the climate, Greenberg notes, “not only because of the decreased driving…

🚶🏽‍♀️Today’s tip: Take a walk around the neighborhood.

For the past year and change, many of us have spent an inordinate amount of time in our homes, while also viscerally feeling our connections with and responsibilities for our fellow humans. Saul Austerlitz writes on Medium: “It’s a condition of the crisis we are still living through that our worlds have simultaneously grown and shrunk.” One solution? Take a long walk through the neighborhood where you live.

As Austerlitz puts it, “There is little that is as soothing as the feeling of leaving the house on a mild spring day or…

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