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🎯 Tip: Keep a “why I do this” list.

It’s easy to get caught up in the what of a job — the deadlines to meet, the numbers to crunch, the Zoom meetings to look attentive in—and in the midst of it all, lose sight of the why. On Start It Up, Amardeep Parmar shares a strategy for keeping your eye on the real prize: Make a “why I do this” list. This is a collection of reasons you do what you do. Parmar, a writer and editor, explains: “For me, it’s the fun of working out how to craft…

💭 Today’s tip: Find your 3Cs.

In Forge’s new five-day course, What Should You Really Be Doing With Your Life?, Felicia C. Sullivan shares a brand-building approach to help you ignite your purpose at work: “Taking inventory of your professional assets and achievements is like searching for a favorite sweater buried at the bottom of your closet…the things you love have always been right here.”

Use Sullivan’s worksheet to help you define your 3Cs: your company (you), your customer (your client or boss), and your competition (your peers or co-workers). “This exercise is about more than pulling out your résumé…

This brand-building approach can help you ignite your purpose at work

Illustration: Julia Moburg

This is day three of a five-day course on finding what you’re meant to do. Read our introduction post, day one, and day two.

Today, we’re identifying the skills and tools in your arsenal that you can eventually apply to the job you’re meant to do. You’re laying the foundation for the big questions you’ll answer by the end of the course: What do I want to do? Who do I want to do it for? Why am I the one to do it?

Taking inventory of your professional assets and achievements is like searching for a favorite sweater buried…

Forge Career Course

Crafting the life you want to lead has to start from within

Illustration: Julia Moburg

This is day two of a five-day course on finding the work you’re meant to do. Read our introduction post and day one.

Today, we’re talking about values, purpose, and vision. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of your trifecta foundation, which will guide you through the rest of your week and ultimately define what you want to be known for. Imagine being the kind of person who is seen as a go-to guide, who gets recognized and appreciated not only for your talents, skills, and abilities, but also for your ideas, advice, and point of view.

Forge Career Course

Forge’s 5-day course on finding out what matters most

Illustration: Julia Moburg

The tail end of a global pandemic may not feel like the ideal time to reboot your career. We’ve spent the past year in survival mode — just getting through the day is an accomplishment in itself.

But hear me out: As we emerge from an experience that constantly reminded us of the fragility of life, I believe this is the exact right moment to pause and ask the big questions: Am I doing the work I want to be doing? What truly bolts me out of bed in the morning? …

Today’s Tip: Ask yourself, what will you be working on forever?

It’s tempting to get wrapped up in big floaty questions about the meaning of life — and equally easy to get bogged down in the mundane-yet-urgent tasks that need to get done NOW. But what are you really supposed to be focusing on? kelly corrigan proposes one question to zero in on: “What will you be working on forever?” What, in other words, are you pretty sure you’ll never quite master? Corrigan admits that something she finds difficult is remembering to have “fewer opinions, more curiosity.” For you, it…

The struggle to attain a deeply meaningful life may be an issue of language

Illustration: Dora Godfrey/Medium

Over the past two years, I have conducted more than 100 podcast interviews with best-selling authors, prominent academics, and other high achievers about the connection of money, happiness, work, and meaning. In each of these conversations, I make a point to ask these thinkers how each of us can lead a happier life. Again and again, the same answer keeps coming up: “Lower your expectations.”

The first few times I heard this advice, I refused to accept it. “Low expectations” sounds defeatist. It sounds like giving up on happiness altogether. But over time, I’ve realized that the gap between their…

📖 Today’s tip: Ask yourself what your book would be about. Even if you have no plans to write one.

You have a specific purpose and value. It’s just hard to remember, sometimes, in the flurry of daily life. Here’s a simple thought exercise to get you back in touch with yourself: Figure out your book.

As Ross McCammon writes in Forge: “In some ways, it’s the central question of your life. What’s my purpose? What do I have to give? What’s my value? What am I worth? The answer is always singular, and it’s always revealing.”

What your book…

From “Burnout Is Now Our Default State,” by the therapist and author of Everything Isn’t Terrible: Conquer Your Insecurities, Interrupt Your Anxiety, and Finally Calm Down.


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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