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Being told it’s ‘normal’ doesn’t help

Photo by Shane on Unsplash

How recognizing our limits helps us forge new openings

Photo: Erlend Ekseth / Unsplash

The popular psychological construct can propel you forward — but it can also set you way back

Photo: Unsplash

It might take more than one conversation to make yourself understood

Illustration Courtesy of VectorMine on Adobe Stock

Three life-changing lessons on exercise

Illustrations by Kaki Okumura

The science behind our obsession with all things infuriating, saddening, and terrifying

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

If you spend hours looking for tricks, gimmicks, and automations, you might as well do the actual thing

Photo: Nupat Arjkla/EyeEm/Getty Images

Years ago, I couldn’t talk to strangers. Here’s what it finally took to shed my anxiety.

Photo: Jena Ardell/Getty Images

1. Respect for less makes room for only the things that make you happy

Illustrations by Kaki Okumura

What is Japanese genki?

Genki refers to good health, but it looks beyond human physiology and encompasses our energy, our vitality for life, and the spirit we project on others.

If you think reruns are a waste of time, you might want to think — or better yet, watch — again

Photo: Guido Mieth/Getty Images


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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