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If you’re focusing on your audience, you’re not focusing on your work

Person writing on post it.
Person writing on post it.
Photo: fizkes/Getty Images

By 1501, a 25,000-pound slab of marble had been sitting in a Florentine courtyard for 35 years, a monument to an artist who was unable to turn a commission into a piece of sculpture. Nicknamed “The Giant,” the marble slab became a gossipy piece of local interest when a new artist — a buzzy 27-year-old upstart named Michelangelo — was hired to try to salvage the boondoggle.

Cognizant that his work would draw the 16th-century equivalent of paparazzi, “Michelangelo decided that he needed to carve [his sculpture] in private, so workers came and built a roofless shed around the Giant,”…

Even if I wish I could

Photo: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek/Getty

When I moved to Berlin a few months ago, I didn’t anticipate everything that would get in the way of carrying out my daily life. The moment I left California, I lost the ease with which I moved through the world by way of knowing a place so well. Instead, I found language barriers, cultural differences, unfamiliar brands, and the general challenges of learning a new city, all of which make it hard to do simple things like buy groceries and household items or even little luxuries like a new book.

So I did what everyone confronted with inconvenience does…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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