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Bestselling author Seth Godin has been writing frequently about creativity on Medium the past few weeks. This week he wrote about the importance of simply showing up. For Godin, creativity isn’t as much inspiration as it is application: arriving on time and doing the work. In a word: practice.

“When we commit to a practice, we don’t have to wonder if we’re in the mood, if it’s the right moment, if we have a headache or momentum or the muse by our side. We already made those decisions.”

It was key to his own success, he says: “Twenty years ago…

You don’t need to wake up at 5 a.m. every day, but you do need some building blocks for your life

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In a world where everything is uncertain, where things are changing quickly, where chaos reigns, what we need is simple.

We need practices.

I’m not talking about routines. Although daily routines are important and many of us rely on them, the truth is that routines are fragile. Hasn’t this pandemic shown that? You’re no longer taking your kids to school, commuting to the office, or going to your favorite gym at your favorite time. All the parts of your routine that were triggered by those actions have shifted, like tectonic plates after an earthquake.

Practices are different. Practices are things…

There’s no magical process for creating something of magnitude

A man practices playing the piano at home.
A man practices playing the piano at home.
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We have a false picture of how success happens. Because we often see only the results and almost never the process involved to achieve them, we tend to think that the finished product — a new film, a popular podcast, a fitness accomplishment — is impressive, and therefore the process by which the product was created must have been equally brilliant.

In fact, it was likely the opposite. Success, like the proverbial sausage, is much less pretty when you see how it’s made.

As an author, I know books well. I also remember equally well how I thought books were…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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