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The question will save you from disappointment

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Wouldn’t it be nice to experience greater fulfillment in life?

Everyone has aspirations and dreams, but they don’t always think things through. Worse, they don’t stop to examine their underlying motivations, and where they might lead.

I’ll bet you know people who are unhappy in their careers. They complain about their bosses, the commute, office politics, and more. Maybe this applies to you?

“How did I get into this mess?” you might ask yourself.

The answer often has to do with money, the expectations of others, and unexamined goals. …

It depends on the type of self-esteem you’re pursuing

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I magine there’s a classic movie. It’s called Self-Esteem: First Blood, and it stars James Dean and Marlon Brando. It’s the mid-20th century, post-World War II. Pan across the charred remains of Europe. Show the brave American heroes returning home, buying cheesy houses and making tons and tons of babies.

In the film, we see this: Post-war prosperity made for heady times, more and more people from all walks of life began to buy into the American Dream — the belief that they could be whatever they wanted to be as long as they worked hard and cultivated the qualities…

Your Daily Tips

Even on the busiest mornings, this prompt has brought me amazing clarity

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Editor’s note: Last month, we asked for your Daily Tips—the strategies, life hacks, and bits of wisdom that have made your life better. We love reading your responses and will be featuring some of our favorites here on Forge. To share your own Daily Tip, simply publish a post on Medium with the tag MyDailyTip.

I always felt bad after reading articles about the power of the the Morning Routine. Not because I didn’t believe that having one would benefit me, but because I could never make it work.

My mornings are full on. Time is scarce. I often work…

Ask yourself this one question

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Chaos is fine for some people. Zen people. Freewheelers. People we describe as “kooky” or “quirky,” mostly with fondness, because they’re so unbothered by their bubbles of existential disarray that it’s kind of charming. You have to admire a person who owns their chaos.

I can relate to the chaos, but not the chill. Instead, I’m what you might call a scattered perfectionist. A regular Pig-Pen and Lucy van Pelt mash-up. Trust me, it’s as horrifying as it sounds.

You know the type. Maybe you are the type: Everything you do, you want to do really well. But you can’t…

You’ve know that journaling has great benefits. But how do you even start?

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It might surprise you that as someone who teaches journaling and recommends it so frequently, the practice used to feel hard, confusing, painful, and weird to me. I was extremely resistant to it. I couldn’t see the use of journaling; my mind was already loud and chaotic and full of thoughts racing over one another and I didn’t get the point of writing them down on paper.

I think one reason I was resistant was that I just didn’t know how to start. It seemed overwhelming. I was just supposed to pick up a pen, stare down a blank page…

The strange thing that happens when you congratulate people for honoring their own needs

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The other day I had to decline a work opportunity that I’d previously expressed enthusiasm for. We had scheduled (and rescheduled) a phone call to go over the brief, I had expressed interest on the call, and was awaiting some paperwork for me to sign so we could progress further.

Overnight, I realized that the opportunity wasn’t quite the right fit for my post-pandemic work life—one where I’m trying to be hyper-cautious about effort in for money out so I can attain my ultimate goal: working less.

I agonized over how to tell her via email. I thought about how…

‘Roles on the Radar’ shows you the potential in your life that you’re probably missing

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Do you ever feel frustrated about all the things you want to do, knowing there won’t be enough time to get it all done? Or, while you are dedicating your precious time to one aspect of your life, you get that nagging feeling you are neglecting another more important area?

In my role as a scrum master, my job is to help teams within companies improve their performance over time. The process involves conducting retrospectives, sessions in which team members openly and honestly evaluate their performance over the past time frame. …

New language for a new time

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For many of us, the last year was a major turning point. The Great Pause, and the painful fifteen months that followed, illuminated where life is letting us down, where the stories we tell ourselves are proving insufficient, and even where our dearest relationships are failing. …

One rule for doing it without feeling like a jerk

Sure, why not

The wildest thing happened this past weekend.

Wait for it…


As in, I attended some. Plural.

It was my first real weekend of Hot Vax Summer, and my first proper going-out in 18 months. And somewhere amid all that rusty social interaction, I realized something. Well, two things. One: I know a lot of Geminis. Second, and the reason we’re all here: that the only kind of ‘networking’ I ever want to do is going to parties where I can be my damn self and enjoy the people around me. I know, what a concept.

I cannot tell you…

How to track your routines when the idea of tracking anything fills you with existential dread

Photo: Mayur Kakade/Getty Images

I have never been someone who enjoys organizing, de-cluttering, or doing anything administrative. I am comfortable with some level of chaos and my inclination to impose order on it is fairly selective. I want structure for big projects and tasks (running an organization day-to-day, getting long-term projects with a lot of moving parts done), but I’m ambivalent about the micro stuff.

So while I know that habit tracking helps habits stick, it’s always felt to me like one more administrative thing to do. Even opening an app has been too much of a chore. …


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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