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Why haven’t we been doing this all along?

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My husband, Josh, is a politics reporter. On January 2, he flew to Atlanta to cover the Senate elections, then went straight on to Washington, D.C., where he stayed through the inauguration. I was alone with the kids for three weeks. We were fine! I treated us to a meal delivery service and was amazed at how much space I had in my brain when I didn’t have to think about what to make for dinner. But what’s more interesting is how we coped after he returned home.

That kid-free trip to Target is not going to bring you back to life

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I’m a big fan of self-care. Five out of five stars. No one can pour from an empty cup, right?

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I Miss Big, Wet, Embarrassing Kisses From My Father,” John DeVore wrote yesterday on his Medium site, Humungus.

It was a one-day-later reflection on a truly awful tweet—one that is (thankfully) already fading into the morass of toxicity that this election cycle has unleashed. John Cardillo, a right-wing pundit, captioned a photo of Joe Biden hugging his son with the question: “Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?”

Cardillo is plainly suggesting there is something… off… about these two men. …

I took my eight-year-old son to a birthday party on Friday afternoon, a party for a close friend of his that he hadn’t seen since the pandemic began, a friend he’d said goodbye to before spring break in March and had then vanished from his life. …

How perfectionism can undermine the work of dismantling White supremacy culture

Photo: AlenaPaulus/Getty Images

In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd in my neighborhood, I wrote about my experience as a White mother talking to my White children about race, justice, and how we can do what’s right. I shared how I was worried about getting these conversations wrong, but that I knew I had to start them anyway.

A scientific way to assess pandemic threats

Students wearing face masks getting their temperature checked at school.
Students wearing face masks getting their temperature checked at school.
Photo: izusek/Getty Images

So much of life now seems like a rather dark game of Would You Rather? This summer, my husband and I asked ourselves: Would we rather send our kids back to school where they’ll benefit from traditional instruction and social interactions — but also potentially pick up and bring home a viral infection? Or would we rather keep them safe at home, knowing they will be miserable — and, thus, in true teen fashion, do their best to make us miserable, too? Talk about lose-lose.

Photo: Imgorthand/Getty Images

During the month before school started this September, my parent friends and I collaboratively composed one of the most Beckett-esque group chats of all time. One mom would text: “We can’t send our kids to school in the fall, can we?” And another would respond: “Right. We cannot. But also, we can’t NOT send them to school, can we?” And a third would confirm: “Right. But also — ”

Self-pity doesn’t help me or my kids

A young Asian girl is doing her homework at her desk.
A young Asian girl is doing her homework at her desk.
Photo: Jason Sung/Unsplash

Whenever I tell people that my oldest child begins remote kindergarten this month, they simply say, “I am so sorry.”

Why connection is more important, and how to achieve it

Photo: Phynart Studio/E+/Getty Images

Life during lockdown has demanded constant, unwavering attention. Zooms beget Zooms: school committees, work meetings, happy hours. They blur together, and I find myself zoning out as I nod along with the other disembodied heads.

‘How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk’ might be the management guide we all need

Photo: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

While we don’t have to help our colleagues tie shoes or remind them to FaceTime Grandma (that’d be weird), parenting skills can translate surprisingly well in the workplace.

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