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New language for a new time

For many of us, the last year was a major turning point. The Great Pause, and the painful fifteen months that followed, illuminated where life is letting us down, where the stories we tell ourselves are proving insufficient, and even where our dearest relationships are failing. Yes, there is light…

Language is a virus, and you can help flatten the curve

The Beat writer William Burroughs once said that language is a virus from outer space, and he didn’t mean it allegorically.

Fake news, long before the phrase entered the national lexicon, was part of his evidence: Pieces of misinformation spreading quickly from person to person behave just like “viral mechanisms,”…

Words to help you make sense of your experience

So many things have been feeling upside-down lately: Introverts are discovering that they’ve been extroverts all along. Time isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. Everyone is annoying, and your Zoom face doesn’t even look like you.

Over the past couple months, the strangeness of this moment has seeped into…

Elizabeth Gilbert offers a question to ask yourself before you speak

ItIt seems like 100% of my conversations over the past week have been about the coronavirus, in one way or another. Here in Spain, the government recently imposed a lockdown to contain the outbreak. I’m scared. I’m worried about my two little boys. I’m worried about my wife. I’m worried…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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