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3 ways to process

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Remember this time last year, when we already thought we’d been through so much? Even just a few weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic, the analytically minded among us were wondering how this unprecedented experience would forever scar us, or maybe change us for the better. Now it’s, well, feeling a lot more precedented. And with each milestone — the one-year-anniversary of the pandemic’s start, the rollouts of vaccines, and even the sentencing in the George Floyd case that sparked last summer’s uprisings — it seems more and more like we should have some sense of understanding, some narrative arc.


For 5,000 years, humans have been solving problems like the one you may be facing — and writing about it

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Not every reader is a leader, Harry Truman once observed, but every leader is a reader. You have to be.

Being a leader means you’re going to bump into all kinds of situations you’ve never experienced before. You’re going to face problems for which there are no easy solutions. The good news is that no matter what challenge you’re facing, no matter how unique or how modern, you’re far from the first to encounter it. For roughly 5,000 years, human beings have been experiencing, solving, and, most importantly, writing books about these exact struggles.

Think about Truman, who ascended to…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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