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🙏 Today’s tip: Perform a non-public act of kindness at work.

We’re so Zoom’ed up and Slack’ed up at work now that virtually any act of generosity at work is seen. It’s so easy: We heart; we 100; we +. Or we just put people’s names in all caps without any other context. “SUE!”

This sort of support is a powerful thing. But low-visibility support is just as powerful. Today, try a private act of kindness. …

Five ways to spread cheer and help people literally right now

Mother holding baby son and taking a photo of something.
Mother holding baby son and taking a photo of something.
Photo: Johner Images/Getty Images

’Tis the season for Good Works, and volunteering at soup kitchens and delivering cookies to neighbors and all matter of other things that don’t really work as well in Pandemic Times. But altruistic activities are still important — apart from the obvious reasons, studies have found that acts of kindness make you feel much better about, you know, everything. And if you only have a minute to spare, well, that’s okay too. You can still:

  1. Support a news organization. If this year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of reliable news sources. No pressure, but democracy really does die…

Niceness is about maintaining the status quo. Kindness is revolutionary.

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

At the beginning of the pandemic, Gal Gadot produced a video featuring an array of celebrities singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.” It was supposed to be a declaration that we’re all suffering through this crisis together. But it didn’t exactly come off that way. As viewers watched the stars croon lyrics like “imagine no possessions” from their isolated mega-villas, those of us in the real world were losing our jobs, health insurance, homes, and loved ones. Many viewers described the video as “out of touch” and “cringe-worthy.”

Gadot insists she was just trying to do something nice! In a recent Vanity…

Don’t leave home without one

A white handkerchief on a white background
A white handkerchief on a white background
Photo: AlexandrBognat/iStock/Getty Images Plus

There will be blood. There may also be cheese.

The first time I ever offered someone a handkerchief, I was at a party, on a first date with my now-wife, and she bit into some sort of fried cheese hors-d’oeuvre. The molten cheese exploded down her chin.

“Hanky! I have a hanky!” I yelled, actively undermining what otherwise would have been a cool act of chivalry.

When you carry a hanky, it’s not for you. It’s not for your nose, your fingers, your brow. I mean, in an emergency, sure. Wipe your nose, your fingers, and your brow (not in…

Kindness is not weakness — in fact, it could be your biggest strength

Photo: Flashpop/Getty Images

When we study successful people, we often talk about how driven they are. We praise them for their charisma and their decisiveness. But rarely do we stop to ask: Is this person kind?

Yet I believe that kindness has the ability — more than any other trait — to instantly improve our lives. Many of us mistake kindness for weakness. That’s a foolish misconception. It actually takes great strength to be kind.

Look, I’m no Mother Teresa, but I do try to make it a habit to be kind every day, and it’s paid off immeasurably. …

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