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If you love working from home, it’s because of the “extended mind”

A year and a half into remote work, a cultural divide has emerged: Most people either love it or hate it.

A recent survey by the found 31% of people want to stay home permanently, while 45% want to get back to the office, full-time. (The remainder want a blend of the two).

What gives? Why are people having such radically different experiences? It’s a complex question, obviously, because there are a ton of variables here, such as whether you have kids at home, how much room you’ve got, and your demographic.

But there’s one other intriguing…

🏠 Tip: Ask yourself: “What small step can I take to make this space functional?”

When cleaning your house feels like an uphill battle, KC Davis—known as Domestic Blisters on TikTok—suggests asking yourself a simple question: “What do I need for this space to be functional?” Not sparkling clean. Not Pinterest-worthy. Not ready to be judged by your mother-in-law. Just functional.

Maybe in order to cook dinner, you need a small section of your kitchen counter to chop some veggies. So then clear off that section. After that, if you have the capacity to keep cleaning, go for it. (Davis…

A lesson on throwing out the rule book and saving yourself

Photo: Leren Lu/Getty Images

When I was at one of my lowest points in life, I couldn’t get out of bed on some days. I had no energy or motivation and was barely getting by.

Even therapy seemed like too much effort. I had been going every week, and on one particular day, I didn’t have much to “bring” to the session. My therapist asked how my week was going, and I really had nothing to say.

“What are you struggling with?” he asked.

I gestured around me and said, “I dunno, man. Life.”

Not satisfied with my answer, he said, “No, what

The writer Maya Kosoff announced this intention on after finding the usually enjoyable process of cooking a Thanksgiving feast to be kind of a slog this year, on the…

Photo: Emily Deltetto/EyeEm/Getty Images

Sometime in the fall, when the weather here in Southern California dips below 71 degrees, it makes its first appearance. I strut around the house wearing it as my husband groans. “Oh no, it’s ,” he says.

Oh yes, the muumuu. This is the name we’ve given my fleece zip-up robe that drapes down to my ankles and has a collar, a garment typically worn by women who are 90. I bought it at T.J. Maxx several years ago when I was eight months pregnant and boycotting pants. It’s hideous, I’ll admit. But it’s soft and warm and it…

Photo: NWphotoguy/Getty Images

In normal years, my favorite advice for Thanksgiving morning comes from the food and culture writer Annaliese Griffin: Take one thing off your menu.

She means the extra pumpkin pie or that new Brussels sprouts salad recipe you clipped last week, that—seriously!—nobody will miss. But this year, maybe the thing you take off the menu should be… the turkey? Or the pressure you put on yourself to make things perfect? Or the whole damn thing?

Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with making today the day you binge (season 4 is great). Or go ahead and feast—but do it without…

🕯️ Today’s tip: Mood lighting is an easy way to forget that you’re stuck inside.

This upcoming winter, more than most, we could all do well to make our homes a little cozier. The Norwegian concept of koselig is a kind of unified theory of coziness, like the Danish hygge, but…more. Think of it as creating an entire coziness scene.

According to Zach Row-Heyveld, the exhibitions manager at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, even the lighting matters: “If you just open a packet of hot cocoa and serve it to your friends with your bright overhead lights on, that’s not very…

A new way to think about the chaos of your household

Cluttered kitchen sink with dirty dishes.
Photo: Thomas Northcut/Getty Images

Buried beneath the piles of psychic distress caused by the actual Covid-19 pandemic, there is another — and for many of us, more immediate — epidemic: mess. Specifically, the mess spreading through our homes.

As Anna Solomon, curator of the Unkempt Real Life Instagram project, wrote in the caption for a photograph of an impressive heap of laundry: “The scene here I’ll be the first to admit is not unusual for me… What’s less usual is my feeling of despair about it. Maybe because every other form of order in my life has exploded.”

Friends of mine in a Facebook…

How to work from home with the same people for a long, long time

Rear view of woman looking out at the city through a window.
Photo: d3sign/Moment/Getty Images

Like many people around the world, I am currently in a state of self-quarantine.

This is stressful on several levels. My wife and I both work full time, our three-year-old daughter insists, rather greedily, on routine care and feeding, and ceaseless domestic and professional demands, coupled with an inability to ever go outside our long, narrow apartment, itself coupled with the knowledge of the silent nightmare coursing through the city just beyond our walls… well, it’s taking a toll.

Hoping to gain some useful tips staying sane while confined inside a dim, pressurized space for days on end, while stressed…

To finally change my messy habits, I had to scrub away my self-limiting beliefs

Photo: Kathrin Ziegler/Getty Images

I’ve been working out of my apartment since my daughter was born five years ago — but despite the amount of time I spend there each day, I never quite figured out how to, as the picture-perfect folks on HGTV say, “make my house a home.” The more I focused on building my online writing career, the more I struggled with housekeeping, eventually letting it fall by the wayside entirely.

I tried to ignore the mess. I made excuses that I was “just so busy,” that I had more important things to do, that it didn’t bother me much. …


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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