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Six concrete practices for becoming more consistently creative

There is a lot of frantic activity and frenetic energy these days. Finding the time, space, and energy to be creative feels harder than ever. Distraction and novelty and endless bight-and-shiny objects encroach upon our attention always. You are constantly being pushed and pulled by the whims of life. …

The key is repetition

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Your mindset is everything. The way we see the world extraordinarily impacts how we interact with it. And we have the power to actively change the way we think (thanks, neuroscience!).

Changing the way you think is conceptually extremely simple, but it requires Herculean patience and dedication to repetition. In…

Don’t stop with the 4-day work week. Let’s get creative in how we measure productivity.

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Admit it — as soon as the story about Iceland’s successful trial of the 4 day working week was announced, your heart felt a flicker of hope. “At last! …

And made a worksheet you can use too

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“Too bad that you’re retired,” the nurse told my psychiatrist mom as he gave her the Pfizer booster shot. “Students here are really struggling with their mental health. We could use more help.”

Conversations like this one, which my mom shared with me after driving home from the vaccination center…

How to make the ‘Miracle Morning’ technique a lot more fun

Picture by the author

Like many people interested in self-improvement, I stumbled upon Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning technique a few years ago and thought — “huh, that seems doable!” …

Why can’t we run that 5k? Why do we struggle to write that report? Why do we delay cleaning out the garage?

I’m not a runner. I’m not a morning person. (I’m a dedicated member of the Snooze Button Club). Yet, somehow over the last six months I’ve developed a running habit. Every morning, I leave my home. …

Once you stop framing procrastination as the problem, you can finally adjust your habits and own your time

Photo: nico_blue/Getty Images

I am a lifelong procrastinator. It has fueled some of my best work and has also caused me a boatload of guilt and anxiety. And I realized, after more than a decade of deadline-driven work, that it’s not my main time management problem. …

Maybe there’s something you’re trying to hide

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If you ever consume information about nutrition, relationships, fitness, or productivity, then you know that people often make things overly complex. Sometimes complexity is necessary but often it is not, and it can make things worse rather than better.

On the supply side, many people make things complex so they…

7 principles to help you read more and read better

Deep reading, or full engagement in a book, is an absolute joy. It is good for mind and spirit, and it is also a competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based economy. Increasingly, people struggle to pay attention to just about anything, let alone a book. Yet deep reading confers many benefits…

👵 Tip: Tell yourself you can restart the habit when you’re 80.

In quitting smoking, Better Humans editor Terrie Schweitzer shares what worked for her: Reassuring herself that she could pick up cigarettes again when she turns 80. (She is nowhere near 80.) The reason why this mental trick was…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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