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For all the ways that G Drive has made our lives run better, it makes getting rid of those memories kind of complicated. The most intuitive way to delete messages in Gmail is scrolling and clicking. Forever.

So technology columnist Angela Lashbrook tried to find another way, a journey she writes about in Debugger, Medium’s new publication about consumer technology.

Turns out you need a two-part system: Let an app clear out most of the junk. Then employ search-and-destroy strategies to find groups of emails to delete all at once. Her tips are surprising but easy and effective.

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Seven surprising ways Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms can improve your family’s life

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I’ve been a parent for 16 years and a Google Drive user for 13. (Such an enthusiastic user, in fact, that I’ve appeared as an unpaid expert on Google’s Digital Wellbeing site.) And somewhere along the way, those two roles began to blend together.

If you use Google Drive at work, you already know that sharing docs, spreadsheets, and folders can make it easier to collaborate with colleagues. But it can also make it easier to co-parent, coordinate with your kids, and generally impose some degree of order on the chaos that comes with family life. Here’s how:

Family policy manual

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A publication from Medium on personal development.

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