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Earlier this week, Forge dropped How Google Drive Can Make Every Corner of Your Life Easier, a new project all about the many (many, many) ways to use it as the ultimate self-improvement tool. Over the next few days, we’ll be using this space to highlight a few of our favorite Drive tips.

Illustration: Simo Liu

🎲 Today’s tip is a tool to make your quarantine weekends more fun: the game inventory.

How it works: Use Google Sheets to make an inventory of all the games on your shelves, and then treat it as a to-do list, so that Trivial Pursuit Classic Edition…

The therapeutic effects of building your own world

Image: Nintendo

Maybe, like me, you’ve seen some bright, cartoony landscapes dotting your Twitter feed lately. Liberally sprinkled among the grim coronavirus tweets are posts bursting with enthusiasm. Excitement. Fanaticism, in a few cases. Suddenly, it seems, people can not stop talking about Animal Crossing.

In a stroke of perfect timing, the same week many of us began our coronavirus isolations, Nintendo released Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a revamped version of the social simulation game first released in 2001. The premise is simple: You build your home on a deserted island, populate it with cute anthropomorphic animal characters, plan out the community…

Getting those colors to line up became the bane of existence

A hand holding up a solved Rubiks Cube.
A hand holding up a solved Rubiks Cube.
Photo: NeONBRAND/Unsplash

New Year’s resolutions were never my thing — holding myself to one goal for 365 days always seemed like a doomed undertaking from the outset.

But last year, I decided to try an experiment: I would give myself a new mini-challenge every month. In January, I vowed to cook three new meals at home each week (a tall order for a guy whose phone contains just about every food-delivery app there is). In February, I promised to break a sweat four days a week.

Things were going great, but by the fall, I wanted to try something I’d never done…

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