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Struggling to stay focused? Knowing which external triggers serve you—and which ones don’t—can help you get back on track.

It was 9 a.m. and Wendy, a freelance marketing consultant, knew exactly what she needed to do for the next hour: be in her office chair to write new client proposals, the most important task of her day.

She fired up her laptop and opened the client’s file on her…

The popular psychological construct can propel you forward — but it can also set you way back

In my junior year of high-school, I applied to the prestigious Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. I didn’t get in. Over the years, I’ve submitted essays and articles to all kinds of publications, from my local newspaper to the New York Times. Countless more have been rejected than…

Don’t stop with the 4-day work week. Let’s get creative in how we measure productivity.

Admit it — as soon as the story about Iceland’s successful trial of the 4 day working week was announced, your heart felt a flicker of hope. “At last! Now I’ll be able to get more sleep/learn how to kickbox/spend more time with my kids with all that extra free…

Showing restraint takes discipline, but you’ll be better able to race ahead when it really matters

The day you launch a book feels like sprinting an all-out mile. The only thing is this: at the end of the all-out mile, you find yourself on the start-line of a 5K, which is launch week. So you keep sprinting your 5K, only to find yourself at the end…

It turns out that much of our burnout can be explained by centuries-old theories

In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton wrote The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy and changed the way the world would look at gravity for the foreseeable future. He dropped the mic (or in this case, the apple) with his groundbreaking theories on gravity and the laws of motion.

For no apparent…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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