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Digital Detox

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Here’s how to maintain your digital resistance

Image: Sukanda Panpa / EyeEm / Getty

If you made a resolution to get off your phone, it’s probably starting to fall apart. The senseless alerts are back, your resolve to “just check one thing” bleeds into the next digital thing, and before you know it an hour (or two or three) have gone by.

You know what it’s costing you. You don’t want to be like the majority of Americans who spend on average 1,200 hours a year on their phone — a full waking month out of every year, a full waking year out of every decade. …

This is the year to de-center your smartphone

Illustrations from “Goodbye Phone, Hello World” by Emiliano Ponzi

For the sake of yourself and your country, it is time to get off your phone.

Yes, I know you needed to see the latest from the Capitol storming, the impeachment hearings, the Republican backlash, and then you’ll need to know how it’s all going down with the new administration in the first 100 days, and then perhaps you’ll want to check in on the stalled Covid-19 vaccination effort. And then poof, before you know it, midterm elections will be ramping up and you’ll need to scroll and scroll and scroll.

But there’s a good reason to balance a civic…

Breaking free from your phone addiction starts with a simple thought experiment

Credit: Richard Baker/Getty Images

There’s an app called Mute, which lets you set up challenges with your friends to see who can stay off their phone the longest. Another one called Moment offers “device addiction coaching” to help you pick up your phone less throughout the day. For $349, you can buy a Palm, a basic, credit card-sized phone designed to keep you from spending so much time on your big, distracting one (“Slip it into your yoga pants,” the website advertises). There are three-step programs, “offline” B&Bs, and even AA-like support groups all aiming to help you disconnect from your digital life. …


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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