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You’re doing a lot—and you’re good at it. Stop trying to make it look easy.

Last weekend, I hosted a birthday party for my nephew. At one point, I was shuttling between the stove inside and the grill outside to finish the taco filling for the kids and grilled chicken for the grownups. When my sister asked how she could help, my first instinct was…

A therapist’s advice for how to create some distance from other people’s problems — even when you’re stuck with them 24/7

As the coming pandemic winter forces us all to live even more fully at home, you may find yourself struggling more than ever to carve out your own emotional space. One person’s stress becomes contagious. An unending stream of other people broadcasting their inner monologues makes it impossible to spend…


Turns out a pandemic offers great practice for setting boundaries

A mother reads while holding her baby in her arms.

I was 25 weeks pregnant when my state’s governor issued the nation’s first shelter-in-place order. As the world around me became unrecognizable, I clung to the security of my birth plan. I would deliver in a birth center rather than a hospital, assisted by midwives instead of doctors — a…

Setting personal limits complementary to your needs and desires can strengthen your self-trust and identity

I can remember the agony of checking email, as if my inbox — a completely innocuous tech tool — had become my worst enemy. Each refresh was like a Russian roulette of impending crisis or criticism. If you’ve experienced a stressful period at work or gone through a difficult time…

Tortured romance isn’t actually romantic

The oft-covered Persuaders’ classic “It’s a Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” tells the story of a woman driven to violence by her partner’s cheating. The entire premise of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights is the agonizing relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff — a dysfunctional, torturous codependence that lingers for decades…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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