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A simple thought exercise for when you’re experiencing boredom or burnout

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Over the weekend, I walked into my living room to see my kids bored to the point of physical incapacitation. They were strung out across the sofa, apparently crushed by the weight of, I don’t know, having all of their basic needs met. Their sighs were deafening.

For kids their ages, five and nine, boredom is an existential crisis. So I proposed an existential solution.

“Pretend this is the first time you’ve ever been to this house,” I told them. “This is an AirBnb now, and you just walked in the door. …

💡 Today’s tip: If you’re bored with something, stop doing it.

Say you’re working on something that is boring you to tears. What do you do? Push through anyway? Philosopher Eve Bigaj writes on Medium that we should actually listen to our boredom, noting that boredom can be a guide. As Bigaj writes, when we’re bored with something, whether that’s a creative project or something we’re reading or an assignment at work, that boredom is trying to tell us something. “It’s almost a moral compass. It’s what tells me that I have lost my ‘why.’ …

No, you don’t have to optimize it. Just live through it.

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Once upon a time, a million years ago, boredom was something we grudgingly admitted we might need a little more of in our overscheduled and overstimulated lives. At the beginning of the pandemic, we got, well, a lot more. Some of us tried to make the most of it: We heard that boredom would actually help us to be more creative, more productive.

Are we ready yet to say that boredom just… isn’t that great? There’s something uniquely uninspiring about pandemic boredom, and this piece by Shayla Love in Vice unpacks why that is: Boredom is, by definition, a lack…

Being bored at home is showing us how to reject hustle culture

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A few short months ago, I wrote a piece for Forge recommending that we rediscover the value of boredom in an age dominated by screens and the attention economy. “We may be stressed out, distracted, and overworked, plagued by eye strain and brain fog — but we’re not bored,” I wrote. “In 2019, you just don’t have to be.”

How quickly things change: In 2020, with much of the world in quarantine, boredom is everywhere. We’re cooped up, lonely, and restless, and we’re not sure what to do with ourselves.

It’s a bizarre, disorienting turn. On South Broadway Avenue in…

Boredom is a relatively new human feeling — and it’s endangered

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Stop what you’re doing for a minute, and try to remember the last time you let yourself be bored. Not “phone bored” — the Generation Z weariness that stems from digital overload — but bored bored, the tedium of too little stimulation. When did you last surrender to that restive feeling, the kind that waits at the edge of languor?

I’m guessing you can’t say. Boredom is the scourge of modern life, and the great engine of American commerce is doing its best to banish it. We get our groceries and clothes delivered, and platforms such as TaskRabbit and Seamless…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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