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❤️ Today’s tip: Show up as an ally with your words and actions.

This week’s violence against Asian Americans is, as My Tam H. Nguyen writes on Medium, “another opportunity for intersectionality.” She suggests these five ways we can all step up — no matter what our own backgrounds or ethnicities — to be better allies:

Step in, show up, and call what the killings are — a hate crime.

Check-in with your co-worker, friend, neighbor. Ask how they’re doing, ask what they need, send them a love note.

Support your local businesses in your respective Chinatown/International Districts. A great…

Advice for allies of all races and backgrounds

Photo: RINGO CHIU/Getty Images

Given the massacre in Atlanta this week, during a time of escalating violence against Asian Americans, people of all backgrounds are once again wondering how to help. We’re upset and we’re horrified. Sharing posts on social platforms is easy, and to be clear, elevating Asian American voices is an important thing for everyone to do right now — but dismantling white supremacy takes more than a retweet here and there.

Here are four things you can do right now to help in a meaningful way:

Help spread the right message

Medium’s Yasmin Tayag interviewed San Francisco State University sociologist Russell Jeung for the Coronavirus Blog

How the Ask versus Guess divide explains the complicated reality of growing up Asian American

A parent helps a child tie their shoelaces.
A parent helps a child tie their shoelaces.
Photo: Images By Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images

“Uncle, can I take your plate to the kitchen?” That’s what my cousin asked my father after a grand dinner to welcome her family to our home upon their arrival from Taiwan. So polite, my mom said. Such good manners, my dad added.

My eight-year-old sister and I, then 10, didn’t say anything — we just excused ourselves and ran off to the living room to get our weekly dose of The Incredible Hulk. Our teenaged cousin soon joined us, her hands still damp from helping to wash the dishes. …


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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