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🤐 Today’s tip: No “buts” allowed.

Here’s a great example of how not to apologize: “I’m sorry you felt upset about that, but it wasn’t actually that big of a deal.” It looks like an apology; it smells like an apology; but an apology it is not.

And yet, while…

Photo: FOX Image Collection / Getty

On Monday, Ellen DeGeneres opened the latest season of her long-running daytime talk show with a mea culpa. The monologue was ostensibly DeGeneres’ effort to claim responsibility for allegations, from current and former show staffers, that her show was a toxic and abusive work environment. An apology, if you will…

A small lie can be just as damaging as a big one

A close-up of 3 Pinocchio string puppets.
Photo: Valentina Bielli/EyeEm/Getty

Maybe this rings a bell: It’s Sunday night, and you’re fully in the throes of dread over the coming Monday morning. Picturing your mess of an inbox makes your skin crawl. The prospect of spending another eight hours next to Kevin, your deskmate who reads all his emails out loud…

A timely reminder for Justin Trudeau, Shane Gillis, and… the rest of us

Prime Minister Trudeau. Photo: John Woods/Getty

We live in the age of the apology, which is why it’s baffling that so many of us are still so lousy at it.

Even Justin Trudeau, cartoon prince of Canada, has struggled with it recently. After multiple photos surfaced of the prime minister wearing blackface and brownface makeup as…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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