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Six minutes to feel more energized

Today’s tip: Give yourself a six-minute microbreak to do nothing.

Forge’s resident time-management expert Laura Vanderkam recently endorsed taking three short breaks each day — one physical, one spiritual, one social. Lately, Forge executive editor Ross McCammon has been experimenting with a fourth kind of break — “one with no purpose at all,” he writes. “Six minutes of nothing, starting right now.” (That’s five minutes, plus a built-in one-minute snooze.)

It might mean a quick meditation or just looking out the window or perusing books on a bookshelf. The key is to let yourself do… nothing. “The point is that you’re moving away from the energy of your day and creating a space for a kind of counter-energy,” McCammon explains. “It’s just enough time for your mind to reset but not enough time for your work to suffer.”

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