Self-Help Books Written by Your Friends Who Don’t Understand Depression

Feeling better isn’t all that complicated, apparently

Photo: Tara Moore/Getty Images

Talking to your friends about your depression doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, I bet they have tons to say about it. Many of them would gladly write books to help you get over your issues. Here are some bestselling titles they might come up with.

Look, you have two choices in life: You can overthink everything and get overwhelmed, causing you to stare at your wall and cry. Or you can choose to go out there and live life to the fullest, never thinking at all. I believe we all know which choice is the winner here.

In case you didn’t know, your friend had depression, too. Well, they felt sad, but it was basically the same thing, according to WebMD. And if they were able to conquer their debilitating sadness after a week, so can you.

Sometimes we don’t see ourselves as well as our friends do. We just don’t understand that our depression is caused by our own pessimism standing in our way. Let’s trust our friends, not mental health professionals or our gut.

Manifest that happiness, bitch. Everything we want in life, including a clean bill of mental health, is attainable with a bit of magical thinking. So just ignore your symptoms and they’ll go away. This certainly isn’t an attempt to force you to behave in a way that makes others more comfortable.

Most friends will stick with you through thick and thin throughout your depressive episodes, unless your mood gets in the way of something they want to do. In which case, you should fight your reality so it doesn’t conflict with your dinner plans or whatever other expectations your friend had for you.

Listen, these are your friends — not your doctor. Their understanding of depression is most likely gathered from their limited experiences or what they’ve read on blogs or seen on TV.

So even if you politely smile and read their advice, don’t feel forced to adhere to their rules. You get to write your own book, and it will be for personal use only.

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